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BASA International (Liberia) Limited is a research, investment facilitation, tax consultancy, local representation, and business development firm based in Monrovia, Liberia. 

The name Basa arises from the phrase “Born African, Stay African”.

We seek to promote opportunities in Liberia to attract impactful investment, create public-private partnership that benefit Liberia and investors. We create link between local Liberian businesses, international brands, and funders. 

BASA helps get require permits, investment incentives, concession and certification needed for NGOs, investments and or any businesses wanting to be established in Liberia and don’t know how.

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Our Vision.

Our vision is to transform Liberia and Africa through impactful foreign direct investment

Our Mission.

Our mission is to direct foreign investments in key areas of the Liberian economy for a better Liberia and Africa

Core Values.

What We Do

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Research and Business Development

 In Liberia, access to accurate, realistic data is essential for any investment or policy decisions. BASA offers research services for its clients particularly investors, funders, policymakers, etc. in specified areas of interest. Additionally, BASA has collaborations with other research institutions, especially universities, thus enhancing our chances of getting data and other qualified personnel for research.

 Facilitate Public-Private partnership

We have established working relations with key government institutions. We are guided by the “PRO POOR AGENDA” to ensure the smooth implementation and sustainability of businesses, projects, and the betterment of the lives of Liberians. In this light, we support investors to liaise and work with the appropriate public sector actors to acquire needed permits, certifications, concessions, and incentives needed for their operations.

 Market entry services and local representation

 BASA supports foreign businesses, funders, and investors who would like to extend their operations to Liberia but would not need a physical presence. BASA acts as the local representative for these kinds of investors. Additionally, we support businesses who would want to tap into Liberia’s markets

Clients We Worked With

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Why Work With Us?

For over 5 years, Basa has been helping investors and organizations make profitable investment choices and help make market the investment potentials in Liberia.

Our in house team can help investors solve any problem related to their investment or business. We can connect you with the right investment partners on the ground and support you in making profitable investment decisions.  

Have a Business Project on mind?

You are not alone! We can help you get it started. Connect with us and let's emerge ourselves in it.

Basa International Liberia - Africa

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With a diverse group of highly motivated experts working from diverse locations, we can help you get the job done.

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