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BASA Africa Research provides efficient and comprehensive research and survey services to a broad range of clients coving a number of topics. BASA seeks to work with a number of clients including and not limited to MSMEs, corporate institutions, CSOs, both local and international NGOs, government and public policy institutions, Think Tanks, donor institutions, and development partners. Our research work covers the following broad areas:

Services in Research

  • Market research
  • Gender issues
  • Baseline studies
  • Agro-commodities
  • Human rights
  • Youth empowerment and development
  • Agriculture and
  • Accountability among others


Marketing in Business is evolving very rapidly. BASA Africa believes marketing is not about just building brand awareness but also about boosting sales, developing businesses, and engaging customers. To put it simply, no business is complete without marketing. Marketing is not just a part of business success; instead, it is the business core. BASA Africa has strong abilities in marketing and communications. We are positioned to be a leader in marketing in Liberia. Our services in this cover a wide range of areas including the following.

Services in Marketing & Data Analytics

  • Marketing & Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design and Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-commerce Marketing
  • Video and Audio Production

Data Analytic

Our Data Analytics services allow businesses, NGOs and governments to get their data collected, processed and presented to them in the form of actionable insights while avoiding investments in the development and administration of an analytics solution. With a team of professionals with each of them having more than 13 years working experience in data analysis, BASA Africa is positioned to get the job done with no worries to you as an organization. We do analysis in the following.

Services in Data Analytics

  • Project Data Entry, Cleaning, and Analysis
  • Financials Data Analysis
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Geographic Infomation System (GIS)
  • Data Backup and Storage
  • Data Restore Service

Business Support Services

At BASA Africa we believe each business or client has a specific problem or need that requires kin look and development. We provide business development services in the following categories.

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Services in Business Support

  • Business Compliance¬†
  • Business Plan
  • Training and Coaching
  • Marketing Development
  • Business Expansion
  • Product Development
  • Proposal Writing
  • Partnership Development

Business Compliance Support

BASA Africa with a strong experience in the Liberia tax and government system as well as its established contacts in each government entity helps provide organizations with services related to business compliance within the republic of Liberia. Take care of the rest of the business problems and let us handle compliance and government relations for you.

Services in Business Compliance 

  • Article of Incorporation
  • Registration and Accreditation
  • Public Relation
  • Government Relation
  • Visa Accusation
  • Work Permits
  • Social Security

Investment Advisory

BASA builds partnerships with funders, government, local businesses, international brands, and other stakeholders to bring investments to Liberia. We help companies, INGOs, and other entitles get established in Liberia.

Services in Investment Advisory

  • Foreign Investment Advice¬†
  • Fundraising Strategies
  • Partnership Development

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