Key Investment Areas

There are currently huge investment opportunities in the following areas:


Liberia’s 14-year civil war left much of the country’s infrastructure in shambles. This ranges from roads to electricity and other basic social services. The national road network is left in severe disrepair. 

Raining seasons travel is almost impossible. Peace brought many positive developments. However, there is more needed to be done to support infrastructure development in the country. Priority is on roads, electricity, ports (air and sea) and railways. 

We are looking to work with investors and partners who are willing to carry out investments that will close Liberia’s biggest deficit. The key infrastructure areas investors and funders are mostly needed are.

  • Roads development (6,586 miles)
  • Railways development
  • Inland port development
  • Housing
Energy electricity


Liberia’s 170-megawatt power generation capacity and national grid were destroyed during the 14 years civil wall.

In Monrovia, just 0.1 percent of households had access to electricity right after the war. Up to 2021, at approximately 12%, Liberia has one of the lowest electricity access rates in the world.

In the capital city of Monrovia, less than 20% of the population has access to electricity. We are looking for investors or funders who are.

  • Interested in acquiring permits to be Independent Power Producers (IPP)
  • Construction of solar or hydro plants
  • And other power-producing technologies


agriculture investment in Liberia


Imports range from staple foods rice to vegetables, pulses, chicken, meat, and condiments. Liberia has never been self-sufficient.

The country’s most self-sufficient year in terms of grain production was 1974 when it produced 87% of its grain consumption requirements. 

However, Liberia has favorable soil for all agricultural produces. We want to see a Liberia where food is the cheapest. Our focus is on large commercial farming mainly when it comes to rice and cassava.

  • Investors interested in doing mechanized farming in Liberia (rice, cassava, vegetables, etc.)
  • Investors interested in investing in agro-industries in Liberia
  • Investors interesting in forming local partnerships with agribusinesses for massive expansion


Sapo national park Basa Liberia


Liberia is endowed with rich natural resources that provide a potential tourism and hospitality market, including forests, rivers, seas, waterfalls, hills, mountains, lagoons, lakes, wetlands, and deltas. 

The country’s biodiversity, landscape, and beaches are natural attractions for tourists and international visitors seeking new adventures.  Some known tourist attractions include the following:

  • The 700-square mile Sapo National Park (protected area)
  • The surfing beaches at Robertsport along the Atlantic Ocean
  • The Kpatawee Waterfalls in central Liberia
  • The 40-square mile Lake Piso near the Liberia-Sierra Leone border
  • East Nimba Nature Reserve (protected area)
  • Providence Island (First group of freed African slaves landed in 1822)
  • The country’s 350 miles of sandy shoreline along the Atlantic Ocean
  • Excellent deep sea sportfishing for tuna, marlin, mahi-mahi, and wahoo

There has been a meaningful improvement when it comes to roads, telecommunications, and accommodation facilities.

However, Liberia’s tourism industry is still underdeveloped, in part because of the country’s limited accommodation facilities among others.  Only a few attractions have facilities that cater to international visitors. We are looking for funders and investors interested in;

  • Investing and or funding Eco-tourism lodging in the rainforest.
  • Investing and or funding rainforest & explorer safari’s on horseback or 4 X 4.
  • Investing and or funding Cultural village tours.
  • Investing and or funding Beach club development.
  • Investing and or funding Hotels & Lodging.
  • Investing and or funding Marina harbor development.
  •  Investing and or funding Sea excursion & watersports development.

We also explore investment potentials in many other sectors in Liberia.

Tell us your investment interest and we will handle the rest for you.

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